Ready, Set, Go! …wait a minute…

What do you do when you turn 58, Want to get closer to God, spend too much time on Facebook?
You start a blog, of course! A blog about my steps to get closer to God, about my travels in our motorhome, my quilting journeys, soapmaking, and anything else I run across, perfect!
But wait Sharon, a ton of these topics already exist. Remember, you spend a lot of time on Pinterest too, haven’t you seen it all?

The answer is yes, and why not add my 2 cents, I mean my 2 quilts? Someone out there will like them. Actually I’ve done a few more. I’ve made a lot of soap and friends and family love it. I’ve just started crafting home made cards, with my Scan and Cut craft machine. I used to paint, and may just do some more. I sew some garments, and love to cook, so maybe, just maybe, I can put a smile on someone else’s face and touch them with a little inspiration.

Most of all, I want to grow and fall more in love with my Savior Jesus Christ.
Touch some lives for His sake. Inspire others to do the same. Have others inspire me, prod me, challenge me, and help keep me accountable.
Sound like a tall order? It’s not really. It’s just my way of meeting people of like minds. A new adventure. A new learning experience.

While there is still time.